TSU Weekly Update

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Property Focus

– The team in Baton Rogue continues to hit impressive numbers. They are focusing on group tickets for Olympic sports while also working through football new sales and renewals. Last week they sold 961 group tickets while adding 201 new season tickets for football!


– The Wildcats are pushing hard on their 2020 football season ticket campaign. Last week they helped finalize the Early Signing Period for renewals, giving season ticket holders the ability to get a discount for renewing early. This lead to over 50% of accounts renewing by the early deadline! They also pushed new season tickets, adding in another 146 season tickets last week!


– In the ATL they are focusing on group efforts for basketball while also renewing football season tickets. Last week they spent some time working with the GSU Alumni to get them back out to the last home game against Little Rock. They ended up selling 144 group tickets for basketball while also renewing 51 football season tickets!


– Down in Statesboro, GA Springer focused on group planning for football and baseball groups including working on Scout Day, while also spending time on football renewal campaign and football mini pack buyers from last year. He renewed 13 season tickets for football, sold 12 new season tickets and added 70 baseball/softball groups!



– The Colonials of Robert Morris were focused on groups for hockey and basketball last week while also getting goals together for Q1 and Q2 for athletics. Camille closed 62 tickets for hockey, 13 for basketball but also closed a Coors Light Party Deck group! Great work selling premium!


Weekly Read


Our read this week dives into the importance of developing a networking mindset in sales. In the article it emphasizes the importance of building meaningful relationships, how to add value to these relationships and how to be present when with your clients. I loved the quote from bestselling author Bill Burg, “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”

Get to Know Your Colleague

This week we are going to get to know our leader down in Baton Rouge, Sam Haughton. He has been with Taymar since August and has done a great job leading the team at LSU and having some success on the field along the way!

Sam grew up in Indianapolis, IN where he played all sports growing up. He played baseball, football, and wrestled in high school before suffering a major back injury which required a spine fusion at the age of 15. After his recovery, he continued to play football and even contemplated playing at the collegiate level. Instead he decided to focus on his academics, finding a different path where he could stay involved with athletics. He attended Indiana University and worked within the athletic department during his four years of undergrad. His involvement eventually led to an Assistant Director of Ticket Operations position at Indiana where he served for 3.5 years. Sam left Indiana in 2017 to take on a new role at Oklahoma State University where he oversaw the Ticket Sales and Services team. Sam joined the Taymar Sales U. family as the General Manager at LSU this past August. Sam is currently juggling full-time employment while earning his Professional Masters of Sport Administration from Ohio University. He will graduate from Ohio in May. 

Sam has one brother who lives in Los Angeles and a step-sister back in Indianapolis. Sam and his girlfriend Jamie met while at Indiana University and have a dog named Cooper. They enjoy staying as active as possible, reading, spending quality time with Cooper, and taking the occasional trip to somewhere new. They recently took a trip with their families to Dauphin Island, AL in December but did not Roll Tide.

We are lucky to have Sam on our leadership team as GM at LSU! Keep up the good work in Baton Rouge!

Daytona 500 Pick ‘Em

Two weeks ago we did a pick’em challenge for the Super Bowl and got great feedback and involvement from everyone. This week we are going to take that challenge to the race track for the Super Bowl of NASCAR, the Daytona 500! If you don’t know already, our fearless leader Mark Dyer is a big NASCAR fan so if you are looking for some insider information he may be your guy!

Send me your pick for the winner of the race via email and we will announce our winner/winners next week!