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Lexington, Kentucky, December 6, 2022 – Taymar Sales U. Founder/CEO Mark Dyer announced today the promotion of Senior Vice President Joe Rickert to President. Rickert and Chief Operating Officer Kim Parsons will continue to report to Dyer.

“When I recruited Joe to start our first sales team at Kentucky, my hope and belief was he could grow into this role,” said Dyer. “I knew he had great character and talent and I thought he could become an exceptional leader. Joe has done that and he’s only getting started.”

Dyer emphasized his own role with the company will not diminish. Neither will the role of Parsons, who played a key part with Dyer in building the IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions business when both were at IMG and has been part of Taymar since the beginning.

“I’m not stepping back – Joe’s stepping up,” Dyer said. “Taymar is not a small startup company anymore. We’re about to hit 20 clients and we’re branching out into helping our client schools with ticket operations, fundraising and other areas of revenue generation.

“Taymar Sales U. has stellar leadership with Joe and Kim, and we’ll soon be adding to our corporate management team. College football has just completed a terrific regular season and the expansion of the CFP is now a reality for 2024. Attendance is up and now is the time for more schools to make decisions about leaning into new opportunities with football and other revenue-generating sports.

“No company in the college sports space serves athletics departments better than Taymar. We’ve changed the game with our ‘True Cost’ business model over the last four years and our record on recruiting and developing impact people for our schools is the best in the industry,” Dyer added.

Joe Rickert has more than 10 years of sales and leadership experience in professional and collegiate sports. He started with Taymar Sales U. when the company was formed as the first General Manager with its first client school, Kentucky. He was hired from the Atlanta Hawks to return to Lexington, where he attended the University of Kentucky.

“I’m thrilled to take on the role of president for Taymar Sales U. and continue to serve our clients and colleagues. Special thanks to Mark and Kim, who I have the privilege of learning from daily, for their continued confidence in me,” said Rickert. “I’m fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible leadership team that works tirelessly to drive our business forward, on behalf of our clients. As Taymar’s business continues to expand and evolve, I’ve never been more energized and optimistic about our future and the future of college athletics.”

Prior to joining Taymar, Rickert served as the Manager of Ticket Sales for the Atlanta Hawks, where he oversaw staff sales training, development and growth. He pioneered an expanded Ticket Sales department, which resulted in significant revenue growth and the promotion and placement of many of his team members throughout the industry. Prior to that, Rickert was a revenue leader in the Atlanta Hawks Group Sales department.

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