University of Kentucky

“We are in a changing marketplace when it comes to the way fans buy tickets to sporting events,” University of Kentucky Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart said. “For that reason, it’s important that we are both innovative and personal in the way we connect our fans to our teams and convey to them how important their support is to our success. We are proud to have a proven partner in Taymar Sales U. as they bring their expertise to the college level.”

Joe Rickert


Joe graduated from The University of Kentucky and began his sports sales career with the Atlanta Hawks in their Sales Development Program. Joe spent the next 5 years in Atlanta, and ultimately served as the Manager of Ticket Sales for the Hawks before joining the TSU family and relocating to Lexington with his wife, Caitlin, and poorly behaved Golden Retriever, Crosby. When he isn’t packing stadiums, Joe can be found listening to live music at a local venue or shanking golf balls at a neighboring course.

Crazy Fact: Chicago Style Pizza Connoisseur, Bourbon Enthusiast, Amateur Documentary Buff
Item You Can’t Live Without: Fender Guitars
Joe’s Hot Take: Ke$ha is the song bird of our generation

Ben Boaz


Ben attended University of Southern Indiana and got his start working in minor league hockey. From there, Ben helped start and run the regional office for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a Senior Account Executive. When Ben isn’t helping lead the Kentucky office to victory, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Maureen, fixing and riding vintage bicycles, trying out new restaurants, reading and traveling.

Crazy Fact: I am the Fourth, Benjamin Brantley Boaz IV.
Item You Can’t Live Without: Headphones
Ben’s Hot Take: Tiger is going to pass Jack Nicklaus with the most majors before he retires!

Caleb Young


Caleb is a graduate of University of Montevallo and began his sports career as an intern at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After that, he was a Sales Consultant at the University of South Florida and then a Ticket Sales Manager for the Birmingham Barons, a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. Caleb enjoys camping, hiking (really anything outside), any music festivals available and spending time with his girlfriend, Blaine, and their dog Cleo.

Crazy Fact: I hung out with my favorite musician, John Gurley, of the band, Portugal, after their concert in Birmingham.
Item You Can’t Live Without: My tent
Caleb’s Hot Take: Andy Isabella is the next Wes Welker.

Drew Herrick


Drew graduated from Central Michigan University and started his sports career as a Fan Development Representative with the Nashville Predators. From there, Drew took on a new challenge selling for the University of South Florida and, shortly thereafter, moved to Lexington, KY with his girlfriend, Story, to join Taymar Sales U at UK. When Drew isn’t in solving his customer needs with tickets, he enjoys wreaking havoc on the dodgeball court, hiking, attending country concerts and sipping craft beer at breweries.

Crazy Fact: I was a foreign exchange student in Germany when I was in high school.
Item You Can’t Live Without: Washer and Dryer
Drew’s Hot Take: A hotdog is NOT a sandwich

Will Lyznicki


Will graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Business and started his sports career in Minor League Baseball as an Inside Sales Representative with the Peoria Chiefs. Within just 6 months he was promoted to an Account Executive. From there, he moved to Lexington, KY joining Taymar Sales U at UK. When Will is not pounding phone calls, he enjoys jogging, playing pickup basketball games, attending concerts, attending baseball games, and soaking up some sun.

Crazy Fact: I received my bachelor’s degree in 2 years.
Item You Can’t Live Without: Music or Sunglasses
Will’s Hot Take: The Chicago Cubs will win another World Series before i die!