Queen City

“My history with Mark has been one of working together to grow revenue and provide excellent customer service. I know him well and the professional DNA and principles he leads with,” said Schuldt. “Taymar Sales U. has demonstrated those foundational values while growing rapidly and serving an impressive roster of clients including LSU, Michigan State, the University of Kentucky and many others.

Edwin Valentin

General Manager - Ticket Sales and Services


Edwin graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with his Bachelors Degree in Sport Management. During his time at CalU, he was able to get his start in the sports industry by working for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Pittsburgh Passion. He was also able to get his foot in the door with the Washington Wild Things, an independent professional baseball team, which is where he ended up full-time upon graduation. Within the three years he was with the Wild Things, Edwin went from Account Executive to Director of Ticket Sales by exceeding all of the organization’s expectations and reshaping the Ticketing Department. In his free time, Edwin loves listening to music, binging watching shows and movies, and just about every sport that’s on TV.

Crazy Fact:  I don’t like any of the sports teams from my hometown (Philadelphia).

Item You Can’t Live Without:  My watches

Edwin’s Hot Take:  Moe’s is better than Chipotle

Paulo Nogueira

Account Executive


Paulo earned his B.S.B.A. in Sport Management from Western Carolina University. He served as an Apprentice to their all-new football operations staff. His collegiate highlights include the Mountain Heritage 5K sponsorship team and intramural soccer. Paulo enjoys travel, a good steak, and watching Real Madrid and the Green Bay Packers on the weekends. He is excited to begin his career with Taymar Sales Pro’s first professional sport property, Queen City SC.

Crazy Fact:  I spoke to Steve Smith, Sr. for 30 minutes when I was 8 years-old.

Item I can’t live without:  My personalized Real Madrid Jersey.

Paulo’s Hot Take:  Pele is still the GOAT of soccer!

Jake Kling

Account Executive


Jake is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and began his sports career as an intern at Meadowview Golf Course. Proceeding graduation, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and started working for a digital marketing company. After gaining some good experience, Jake is now working with the Taymar team in Charlotte. The most exciting part about this opportunity is the ability to work in the sports industry and make a difference in the community. Jake enjoys watching and playing all sports, being physically active (really anything outside), and going to church on Sunday mornings.

Crazy Fact: After growing up in Chicago, all my siblings and I are now on the east coast.

Item You Can’t Live Without: NFL

Jake’s Hot Take: Lamar Jackson will stay with Baltimore and lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl.