11/6/19 Weekly Update

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Property Highlights


-The team at Georgia State continues their group sales streak, selling 267 group tickets last week. Another win at Georgia State came in the form of seat tags for football season ticket holders       inviting them to join the basketball campaign. This resulted in 8 new season ticket holders.



-Georgia Southern ran a one day flash sale for the upcoming football game against ULM and was able to sell 120 tickets through this discount. Great way to get creative!



-The LSU squad is taking advantage of the strong start to the season and parlaying that into early sales for 2020 football season tickets. Selling 466 new season tickets last week. Way to strike  the iron while it is hot!



-UK sales team continued to focus on group tickets. Selling 105 to football, 371 to men’s basketball and 227 to women’s basketball.


Weekly Awards

Most Season Tickets Sold – Trevor Johnson – Led all TSU employees with 146 new season tickets sold for LSU Football!





Most Group Tickets Sold – Drew Herrick – Led all TSU employees with 321 group tickets sold across three different sports at UK!

Big Win

Mentioned this in the property highlights but want to dive into what LSU is doing now to capitalize on the 8-0 start to the football season. With the big win against Auburn last week the team at LSU had an email ready to go out to all current season tickets holders and shared as a press release to the media following the win to announce early access to tickets for 2020 season! This generated 300 new leads from a form submitted by season tickets holders and over 500 names have been added to their interest leads campaign for new season tickets. This leads list is a great place for a sales team to make an initial point of contact and build relationships with the fan base, keeping them in the loop as for announcements of on-sales dates. With all of this work put in before the game, it resulted in 466 new season tickets sold and 68 seats renewed or upgraded this past week, making it the most productive week to date at LSU! This shows the importance of having a plan to capitalize on the momentum and executing that plan at a high level. Great week!