11/26/19 Weekly Report

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Property Highlights


-Georgia State’s team crushed another week in group sales, selling 222 group seats. Bringing their total to over 5,600 group tickets sold for football alone!



-Georgia Southern is starting to focus in on pre-orders for the potential bowl games. Last week they sold 111 bowl tickets in house. In addition, they sold a 41 person group for their Club Level!



-LSU is continuing to crush season tickets for the 2020 season! Last week alone they sold an additional 434 season tickets. That’s 1,070 season tickets sold in the last two weeks for those of you counting at home!


-Kentucky’s team is focusing on group sales, selling 331 group tickets between three sports!


Weekly Awards

Most season tickets sold – Kyle Guillie – Led all TSU employees with 138 season tickets sold last week for the 2020 football season! Two weeks in a row, keep it up Kyle!

Most group tickets sold – Trevor Johnson – Led all TSU employees with 337 group tickets sold! Team LSU with the clean sweep!

News of the Week

Two big news stories this week:

  1. Today is Kaylee Goodell’s birthday. Kaylee has been an asset to our team at Georgia State and that shows in her numbers! Join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to Kaylee!
  2. This upcoming Saturday at 6PM EST at Allen E. Paulson Stadium in Statesboro, Georiga we have the first ever “TSU Tussle” (Mark Dyer term not mine)! The Georgia State Panthers will be traveling to play the Georgia Southern Eagles for their Senior Night/Blue Out! Good luck to both of our teammates!

Tweet of the Week