11/19/19 Weekly Report

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Property Highlights


-The team at Georgia State had a heck of a week. Not only did they sell 270 group tickets, but both Alexis and Kaylee secured a suite rental sale each! Awesome job staying after those prospects!



-Georgia Southern continued to stay hot on the group tickets side, selling 188 group tickets last week!


-LSU’s squad is continuing to capitalize on the #1 football team in the nation. They are turning the success for this year into season tickets sales for next year. Last week they sold 636 new season tickets for the 2020 season!



-Group sales continue to be the focus at UK, last week selling 308 group tickets across three separate sports!



Weekly Awards

Most season tickets sold – Kyle Guillie – Led all TSU employees with 181 season tickets sold last week for the 2020 football season!

Most group tickets sold – Kaylee Goodell – Led all TSU employees with 234 group tickets sold between football and basketball!

News of the Week

Drew Herrick, Senior AE at UK, got engaged this past weekend to his longtime girlfriend Story! Congrats Drew!

Quote of the Week