10/8/19 – Weekly Update

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Property Highlights

-Georgia State staff is continuing to set the pace for group sales at TSU. Last week Alexis and Kaylee combined to sell 843 group tickets for football! Combine that with another win on the field and that’s a strong win/win week!


-Georgia Southern in making progress in group sales as well. Last week they sold 74 group tickets for upcoming football games.


-LSU’s team managed to sell 105 new basketball season tickets to go along with the 111 group tickets for football.


-At Kentucky they are putting the final touches on selling out basketball season tickets, selling 152 seats last week.


Weekly Awards

Most Season Tickets Sold – UK Caleb Young – Led all TSU employees with 46 season tickets sold last week.

Most Group Tickets Sold – GSU Kaylee Goodell – Led all TSU employees with 575 group tickets sold last week.

Big Win

At Georgia State, Alexis Campanella is leading the charge on their Spirit Day for the home football game against Army on Oct 19th. They are offering discounted tickets to local cheer and dance studios that includes a clinic before the game as well as an on-field performance during the halftime. To give some perspective this event sold 180 tickets last year. As of today Alexis has sold 250 tickets and we are still two weeks until this event. Great work!