10/29/19 Weekly Update

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Property Highlights


– The football team at Georgia State stays undefeated at home and that only helps the sales team in Atlanta. They continued their strong group sales campaign, closing 375 group seats last week. This team sets the pace each week for group sales in TSU!


– GM Ryan Springer had himself a week on the group sales side as well. He sold 492 group tickets compared to 22 single game tickets.



– LSU has another top ten win last weekend, giving them the edge as the new #1 team in college football. The sales team in Baton Rouge is focused on gymnastics and its making a major impact. They sold another 406 new season tickets last week for gymnastics, which set the new record for most season tickets sold in gymnastics history. Special accomplishment!


– With another win on the field, Kentucky is creeping towards bowl eligibility! In the sales office the team is continuing to focus on group sales across all sports. Last week selling 449 group tickets for football, 60 group tickets for men’s basketball and 95 group tickets for women’s basketball.


Weekly Awards

Most Season Tickets Sold – Matt Baranofsky – Led all TSU employees with 133 season tickets sold! Back-to-Back Champ!

Most Group Tickets Sold – Ryan Springer – Led all TSU employees with 492 group tickets sold!

Big Win 

GM Ryan Springer at Georgia Southern has been working hard to create new events while adding value for those groups. One of his biggest wins so far is his group event with ADPI Sorority for the upcoming game against ULM on November 16th. To create extra buzz around this event they are doing an on field post-game photo. Leveraging that unique experience, as well as offering seats in premium and regular seating, he has sold 410 group tickets so far. With still a couple weeks until the game, we should see some additional growth here. Great work Ryan!