10/22/19 Weekly Update

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Property Highlights


– Georgia State had another big win on the football field beating Army. On the sales side they continue to grow the group sales program there in Atlanta, selling 919 group tickets last week alone!



– At Georgia Southern the team pulled off an OT win against Coastal Carolina. GM Ryan Springer had a strong showing for groups sales for this game. He sold over 500 group tickets to this game even with the weather being a strong deterrent.


– LSU has plenty going on with with big football match-ups weekly and basketball approaching. The sales team helped in football and basketball, but had a strong showing in other areas as well, selling 276 season tickets for gymnastics this past week.



– Kentucky didn’t get the win at Georgia, but the sales team got plenty of wins in the group tickets department. They sold 148 group tickets to football, 133 group tickets to Men’s basketball and 197 group tickets to Women’s basketball.


Weekly Awards

Most Season Tickets Sold – Matt Baranofsky – Led all TSU employees with 107 season tickets sold.

Most Group Tickets Sold – Kaylee Goodell – Led all TSU employees with 628 group tickets sold.

Staff Shout Out

This week marks our 1 year anniversary for Senior Account Executive at Kentucky, Drew Herrick. Drew has played in integral part in the success of the sales team at UK. He has lead the charge on our first event Scout Day, that produced more than 600 group tickets sold, as well as leading the basketball season ticket sales with 462 seats sold. He also surpassed $1 Million in revenue one day before his 1 year anniversary. Very proud of the work Drew has done and excited to see his continued growth with Taymar Sales U.!