10/1/19 – Weekly Updates

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Property Highlights:


-The team at Georgia State sold 429 group tickets last week.. This pushes their group sales numbers for the year to an impressive 2,094 group tickets sold!


-GM Ryan Springer is using new group experiences to build a new database of fans for Georgia Southern. Last week he leveraged PA announcements at the game to get two cheer teams out to the Louisiana game for 65 group tickets.


-The team at LSU is working hard at filling up the Pete Maravich Assembly Center for the upcoming basketball season. Last week alone they sold 495 new basketball season tickets. That puts them past last year’s season ticket holder base and still three weeks until the season starts.



-Tasked with helping fill Rupp Arena after some off-season renovations, the sales team has another strong week in basketball sales. They sold 278 new season tickets this past week. Pushing the new season tickets sold in the last month to 1,340.



Weekly Awards:

Most Season Tickets Sold – LSU Trevor Johnson. Lead all TSU employees with 150 new season tickets sold for basketball.

Most Season Ticket Revenue – UK Caleb Young. Lead all TSU employees in new season ticket revenue for basketball.

Most Group Tickets Sold – GSU Alexis Campanella. Lead all TSU employees with 345 new group tickets sold for football.