1/17/20 Weekly Update

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Hello Taymar peeps and welcome to 2020!

2019 was a big year for Taymar Sales U. and 2020 is going to be even better. We are kicking off the year with a National Championship for our very own LSU Tigers. Congrats to the Tigers on a historic year on the gridiron and we know that is going to translate to a historic year in 2020 in the sales office!

Football has ended on the field but it never ends in the sales office. We will be sending updates on 2020 football season tickets from each property while also highlighting the sales going on in basketball, baseball and other olympic sports.

Property Highlights


-The team at Georgia State had a solid first week back in group sales for basketball. They sold 277 group tickets last week alone. Great way to start off 2020 hot!



– At Georgia Southern Springer sold 77 group seats for basketball and 56 flex packs between baseball and softball!



-The Tigers had a solid week selling 140 group tickets to gymnastics and 55 new season tickets for baseball. Also they won the College Football National Championship….not too shabby of a week in Baton Rouge.



-The Wildcats sales team sold 148 group tickets between Men’s and Women’s basketball, while adding in 54 deposits for 2020 football season tickets!



-Robert Morris is our newest property at Taymar Sales U. You will see a highlight of Camille Partis below, who is the leading the charge at Robert Morris as the Director of Sales.



Weekly Leaders

Most Season Tickets Sold – Trevor Johnson – Led all TSU employees with 42 season tickets sold between football, baseball and gymnastics.

Most Group Tickets Sold – Kaylee Goodell – Led all TSU employees with 218 group tickets sold for Men’s Basketball.

Tweet of the Week

The tweet of the week comes to you from our GM at LSU, Sam Haughton!

Get to Know your Colleague – Camille Partis

Camille is the newest member to the Taymar Sales U. family. She is leading the charge at Robert Morris as the Director of Sales. Camille is a native of Pennsylvania, growing up in Nazareth. She graduated from Robert Morris in 2015 with a degree in Sports Management/Marketing….it’s like she never left! Camille’s professional background spans across the country, starting her career as an Inside Sales Rep at the Portland Trailblazers before she moved to a service role with the Washington Wizards. She most recently was the Group Sales Manager for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. When she isn’t selling tickets, Camille enjoys a strong cup of Hawaiian coffee, baking, hiking, reading and playing with her dog Eddie. A couple little known facts about Camille is she learned to ski at the same time she learned to walk and she reads two books a week! Join me in welcoming Camille to the team!